EMNR is a membership organization, where individuals, ministries, outreaches, and Christian evangelists of different denominations subscribe to the Lausanne Covenant as a unifying basis for faith and evangelism. In terms of ethics and ministerial principles, members also subscribe to the Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards, created by EMNR in 1997.

There are two types of members: where associations, outreaches, or ministries join as groups or “corporate members” (whether legally incorporated or not), and where persons join as “individual members”.

Corporate Members

Rich and Pam Poll, dirs
Pueblo, CO

Christian Answers for the New Age
Marcia Montenegro, dir
Arlington, VA

Christian Perspectives International
H. Wayne House, pres
Houston, TX

Janice Lyons, dir
Asheville, NC

Ben McPhaull

Evidence Ministries
Keith and Becky Walker
San Antonio, TX

Haven Ministries
Bill Honsberger, dir
Denver, CO

Healing X Outreach
Gus Astacio
Blog Talk Radio

Institute for Religious Research
Joel Groat, dir
Grand Rapids, MI

Latter-Day Sense Evangelism Ministry
Adam Dommeyer, dir
Minneapolis, MN

Life Assurance Ministries
Dale and Carolyn Ratzlaff, founders
Redlands, CA

Midwest Christian Outreach
Don and Joy Veinot, dirs
Wonder Lake, IL

Mormonism Research Ministry
Bill McKeever, dir
Draper, UT

New England Institute of Religious Research
Bob Pardon

Religion Analysis Service
Steve Lagoon, pres.
metro Minneapolis, MN

Rooftop Ministries
Lora Brown, founder
Montgomery, AL

Spiritwatch Ministries
Rev. Rafael D Martinez, director
Hammond, IN
Taking heed no man deceives you since 1992

The Centers for Apologetics Research
Paul Carden, dir
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Walter Martin Ministries
Kevin and Jill Martin Rische
St. Paul, MN

Watchman Fellowship
James Walker, dir
Arlington, TX

Individual Members

Steve Berg
James Bjornstad
Craig Branch
Collin Brendemuehl
David Clark
Rich Day
Jeff Downs
Cynthia Hampton
Jeff Harshbarger
Anthony Hempe
Pablo Herrera
Jay Hess
Sharon Lawlor
James B. Lopez
Joe Paskewich
Eric Pement
R. Philip Roberts
Robert Stewart, NOBTS
Andre Traversa
Jim Valentine
Jesse Walters
Joseph B. Whitchurch
Jay Wright