Use these forms to renew an individual membership in EMNR. Do not use this form to join EMNR for the first time.

Step 1

Individual membership dues. The membership term is from January 1 to December 31 of each year. If you wish, you can renew for 2 or more years at once by changing the number 1 in the order box to a higher number. Members receive a discount for EMNR conferences for the member and their spouse, and the right to use the EMNR member logo on your personal (not ministry!) web site. (We will send the logo to you by direct email.) Ministries or organizations need to join as Corporate members, not as individual members. Names of individual members are listed on the EMNR web site, unless you request otherwise.

Individual member dues are US $25. Click here to pay online. If you cannot afford $25 but still want to join, fill out the paper form and mail it to us with a brief explanation of your request for sponsorship.

Step 2

After payment has been completed, please submit the form below.

First, First and Middle, or however you are best known.
E.g., "Smith" or "Smith Jr."
By clicking the checkbox above, you indicate that you agree with the Lausanne Covenant, and will follow the principles of the Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards of EMNR.
When payment is accepted, this is the receipt number. On the confirmation message sent to your email address, it is the order number. Entering this number helps us track each application, but if you cannot find it, enter "not found".


Individual members have their first and last names published on the EMNR web site. However, this line allows you to change the spelling of your name. You may go by a nickname, a middle name, or a different name in public life; or you may append an earned degree. This will be visible to all web site visitors, including Google and search engines. If you do not want to be listed at all, enter Do not publish into the line above.
Individual members may have one line of additional information published on the EMNR web site, to be placed below their name. This is optional; it is not required.