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Membership term. The membership term is from January 1 to December 31 of each year. We track each payment date, and we ask members not to wait until the annual conference to renew their membership. You may renew your membership 2 or more years in advance.

Membership list. Our web site lists members at, even if their dues are not paid or current. This may change in the first quarter of 2023, and memberships that are not renewed might not be listed.

The EMNR web site will list your name and one line of additional information about you (optional). You may also hide your membership from the web site.

Price. Individual memberships are $25 each year. The IRS counts membership dues as a service, not a donation, so you will not receive a receipt at year-end, except for donations. (Membership dues may be deducted as an expense, but not as a tax-deductible donation.) Ministries or organizations should renew as corporate members, not as individuals. If you cannot afford the fee but still want to renew, send an email to the Executive Director, asking to waive the fee.

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Renewing multiple years in advance will be a hedge against inflation or potential price increases.
Individual members have their first and last names published on the EMNR web site. However, this line lets you change the spelling of your name. You may go by a nickname, a middle name, or a different name in public life; or you may append an earned degree. This will be visible to all web site visitors, including Google and search engines. If you do not want to be listed at all, leave this line empty.
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