Ministries should use this form to join EMNR for the first time. You can preview the questions by clicking on this link (opens in a new window). The ministry leader must be a baptized, active member of a Christian church to join EMNR. We will ask for the church name, address, and a recommendation from a Christian leader or EMNR member. It is a requirement.

Provisional acceptance. To facilitate joining online, EMNR provisionally accepts every completed membership form. We accept on good faith the data you provide. Should EMNR doubt your acceptance of our beliefs or standards, the Director will contact you for an explanation. If your application is rejected due to “bad faith” (e.g., submitting false or deceptive information), your dues will be considered a donation and will not be refunded.

Membership benefits. Members receive access to special sections of the web site, and discounted admission for registered staff members and their spouses to EMNR conferences, and the right to use the EMNR Member logo on your web site and newsletter. Links to the logo will be presented after acceptance.

To prevent the application from being auto-filled by robots, we use a three-step process.

  1. Pay the annual dues (individual, small ministry, large ministry)
  2. Check your email and tell us 3 words that were in the receipt
  3. Tell us about yourself, your church, and what to publish