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Username. Joining EMNR now requires creating a username for this web site. Your will be visible to others and should look like your normal name or an abbreviated form of it (e.g., “James_L”). Do not include spaces, foreign symbols or special characters other than hyphen, underscore, or period. A password will be emailed to you. Use the username and password to log in.

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List books, articles, websites, podcasts, interviews, forums, mailing lists, etc. created by you that are relevant to EMNR. For books, include the ISBN. For others, give enough info to locate it on the web or in a reference library. 3 or 4 good entries is enough. (Textarea can be resized by grabbing the lower right corner.)

Ministry reference

Give the name and contact info (email or phone) of a Christian leader who has known you over 3 years and will vouch for your fitness for ministry (e.g., professor, EMNR member, apologist, public figure). They do not need to attend your church, but they must know you personally.

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Ministry details

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Small if 1 to 4 regular staff members. Large if 5 or more regular staff members
Describe how your group got started, what you do involving non-Christian religions, cults, or spiritual movements, and your customary approach or ministry activities
Note: Being unincorporated will not prevent you from joining EMNR as a ministry or organization.
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