Ministries or organizations that are already members of EMNR should use this page to get special access to the EMNR web site. You are not technically “rejoining” EMNR. You are getting a username and password to obtain deeper access to the EMNR web site. You need to create a “username” which can be a form of your personal name or ministry name. This username will be publicly visible in any posts you make, so don’t choose something random or “cute.” Your username should never be your email address.

The password will be generated by our web site and emailed to you. If you don’t like it, you can change it. Please don’t change it to anything simple, short, obvious, or guessable.

Logging in will take you to a “profile” which has place saved for 2 photos or images: a face-photo and a landscape photo or banner. You don’t have to use them, but it’s nice if you do. If you need help, email